Improve your active listening skills in 5 steps

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It’s important to remember that the way in which we listen is the way we make others around us feel cared for, valued, and heard. Active listening skills help accomplish this! Building connection with each other, learning to understand each other, and growing together are all benefits of active listening! We’ve discussed before on this blog about […]

Readjusting | Going back to work

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Going Back to Work After Quarantine? What you need to know to readjust. What a time these last three months have been, right?! It’s hard enough that we’ve all spent the last several months adjusting to life in quarantine. As humans, we all adjust a bit differently to change, and usually it’s not easy. And […]

Self-Confidence Building | 10 Easy Tips

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Self-confidence isn’t just important, it’s imperative to your business and your life—10 Easy Ways to Build Your Confidence and … Build Your Life™ You can be confident. Just the word “self-confidence” conjures up a multitude of emotions depending on your own personality. One person might spike their blood pressure just thinking about it, and others […]

World Wide Dreambuilders or World Wide Group?

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WWG Namesake Are you  World Wide  Dreambuilders?  World Wide  Group™? WWDB?  We get a lot of questions from people about this. The short answer? Yes. We have, at some point, been  all  of  these things!      First things first … here’s the history behind our name.  World Wide  Group™, as we’re known today, used to be known as  World Wide  Dreambuilders. This was […]

Continuous Learning | Importance & Benefits

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Push Your Brain—Learning every day will give you more than just great life skills There are clichés we hear our whole lives, and among them is “Learn something new every day. It’s good for you!” The benefits of lifelong learning aren’t just so you’re smarter. They’re not even so you’re better at Thursday night trivia (although, […]

Strengths and Weaknesses

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It’s time for a little self-reflection! Self-reflection can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to figure out your own strengths and weaknesses. But, when you know what you’re capable of, it can help you shape your goals and turn them into reality. Knowing this information about yourself can help you create the most effective and […]

Creating a Routine to Crush Procrastination

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Set up your nighttime routine tonight, so tomorrow morning’s a breeze! We believe everyone’s day could probably benefit from a little less procrastination and a little more morning routine. Perhaps you snooze the alarm 6 times before rolling out of bed? Maybe you rush around and run out the door without eating breakfast 4 days […]

Improving Your Conversation Skills

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Introverts & Extroverts Alike—Talking to people is hard, and meeting people can be scary. But, it doesn’t have to be. The key is conversation skills! It’s 2020, everyone! As you read through the Internet over the next few weeks you’ll be flooded with tips on closet organization, tidying up your home and your life, how to eat more kale and fewer cupcakes, how to get all those steps in, and […]

Why Acts of Kindness are a Leadership Strength

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Choosing kindness will make you a better leader. Spoiler alert … this post is about how acts of kindness and being kind can strengthen yourself as a leader. Common-sense topic, right? Kindness. It’s such a simple word and it’s used by so many. “Be kind.” “Teach your kids to be kind.” “Speak kindly to others.” […]

Top 5 Spokane Valley Restaurants

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Visiting Spokane? Check out our Top Five Spokane Valley Restaurants: Are you planning a visit to come and tour the World Wide Group™ building out here in lovely Spokane Valley, Washington? Will you be stopping through on your way to a function? We love visitors and we have some great tour guides! You’ll probably need to eat […]