10 Winter Activities You Might Not Have Tried!

Two flowers not yet bloomed surrounded by snow.

It’s still winter … but not for long!   By March, we all hear the word “winter” and are either frantically trying to cram in the last bits of skiing or snowboarding and other traditional winter activities, or … we’re looking outside at the snow, slush, and gray skies hoping for sunshine and warmth. It’s easy […]

Staying Positive Isn’t Just About Smiling More Often

A smiling blue sun.

Staying positive is not always our first instinct. In fact, our brains are hard-wired to lean toward overthinking and over-worrying—which, one might say, is pretty much the exact opposite of positive thinking. It might have made sense back in the hunter-gatherer days when danger lurked around every corner (and kept “realistic” [negative] thinking in our […]

Risk Taking, Reward, and Handstands

A lightbulb with a fuse lite at the end of it and it has a caution symbol inside.

Risk-taking can be scary, and everyone’s idea of “risk” looks a little bit different. Risk means that whatever the situation might be, there’s a chance for danger or loss; it means you have something to lose! Now, a risk doesn’t have to be something massive like cliff jumping off a waterfall in Bali, or swimming with hammerhead sharks in the open ocean. There can be risks […]

Managing Expectations through the Highs and Lows

Three circles with faces on them, showing a progression of moods from sad to happy. The happy face is bigger than the rest with a bright teal color showing it's all going to be alright.

Oh, those expectations. They’ll let us down every time. Whether we have low or high expectations for any given situation, we’re creating standards or ideals about what will, won’t, or might happen—before it’s even happened! And sometimes our expectations are even about how someone else might react or what someone else might do or say. […]

Fall Activities While Still Social Distancing

A variety of leaf icons with browns, orange and blue colors. Representing Fall Activities While Still Quarantined blog.

There’s no question that this year is one for the history books and with the current environment, some of our favorite fall activities have changed a bit. But, it’s a new season, the weather’s changing, leaves are falling (at least here in the Northwest), and it’s the perfect time to embrace the changes around us. […]

How to Get Motivated When You Just Aren’t

An icon of a human head with a charging battery representing the brain with a teal background. How to get motivated when you aren't feeling it.

“I’m not feeling motivated today.” “How do I get my motivation back?” “I don’t know where my motivation went.” “I can’t seem to find my motivation.” Most of us have said one (or all) of these sayings at some point and might even think them frequently in our daily lives. Motivation is a funny thing. […]

Emergency Preparedness Kits, Plans, Checklists. What you need to know.

An icon of a hiking backpack with browns and blues.

Emergency preparedness (or just preparedness!) doesn’t need to be scary. It’s National Preparedness month and we’re here to help you take a few steps to make sure you’re ready for anything! The Internet is full of emergency preparedness plans, kits, checklists, and a plethora of information—you don’t need ALL the of lists and plans, you […]

Meal Planning … Yes, it’s for you.

An icon of a menu and an apple in front of it.

Why should you plan your meals? We all want to be healthy, we’re all on-the-go (well, aside from quarantine), and we all eat food while sometimes not making the best choices.     When we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Meal planning isn’t just for those trying to lose weight … here are just a […]

How to simplify your life to change your life.

An icon of a line progressively moving from crazy to straight.

Benefits of Simplifying Thinking about simplifying our lives usually brings about thoughts of actual “things.” While cleaning out the junk drawer or donating boxes from your closet can feel extremely rewarding, the benefits are far more than just tangential.  Let’s take a look at just a few ways that simplicity can be beneficial. Keep reading to […]

Readjusting | Going back to work

An icon of a person wearing a facemask with an arrow around it making a circle.

Going Back to Work After Quarantine? What you need to know to readjust. What a time these last three months have been, right?! It’s hard enough that we’ve all spent the last several months adjusting to life in quarantine. As humans, we all adjust a bit differently to change, and usually it’s not easy. And […]