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Our Story

You might be wondering where World Wide Group™ got it’s start. No big deal, we’ve just been leading the way in business mentorship for the last 40+ years (it’s kind of a big deal).

This company was founded by two amazing and dedicated people who wanted something better for themselves and their family. Because of their massive servant leadership hearts, they wanted the same dream for those around them.

Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear

Corporate History

Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear started World Wide Group (World Wide Dreambuilders back then) with just one employee, true grit, and a whole lot of hard work. They felt they could serve and provide business mentorship in a way that helped them succeed while teaching large groups to be leaders and mentors to others.

The World Wide Group business mentorship system spread like wildfire and created a community of successful leaders who became a source of inspiration for thousands of Independent Business Owners across the globe.

Ron & Georgia Lee were on the front lines of this company from day one, making sure the foundation and principles they believed in from their humble beginnings are carried out every day to every person they meet.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find the same core values and teachings, the same foundations, and the same hard work being done every single day. Funny enough, 2019 looks a lot like the early days, with a little more technology, a little less hairspray, and a team of more than 50 people carrying on the World Wide Group tradition.

A dark blue W and Diamond. WWG Logo

WWG™ Timeline

  • 1971

    It begins! World Wide Group Founders Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear launch their Amway™ business.

  • 1978

    Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear go Diamond.

  • 1978

    World Wide Dreambuilders™ is formed and the world of IBO business support becomes a reality.

  • 1979

    Major functions are born! The first Puryear Family Reunion is held at the Spokane Convention Center.

  • 1981

    WWG hires its first CEO to manage and consolidate business operations.

  • 1983

    Executive Planners (a tax service company for IBOs) is launched.

  • 1991

    Moving on up—the company building in Spokane, WA, is purchased.

  • 1993

    Over 60,000 people attend Free Enterprise Days at the King Dome in Seattle, WA.

  • 1995

    World Wide Group, LLC. and Management Team are formed.

  • 2003

    Standing Order transitions from cassettes to CDs (welcome to the technology age!).

  • 2005

    WWG launches wwdb.com.

  • 2005

    Premier Membership moves onto the scene to save IBOs money and provide discounts for tools and training. Go team!

  • 2011

    WWG launches the mobile app.

  • 2016

    Ron Puryear, founder and legacy-creator of WWG, passes away.

  • 2019

    Remodel of WWG building and addition of WWG Museum begins!

  • 2019

    WWG is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a company known for monitoring high standards and ethical business behavior.

  • 2020

    WWG expands to Australia & New Zealand, offering newfound support to IBOs and hosting the first Summer Conference in Melbourne.