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Business Image Improvement—Changes Every Business Should Make

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Everyone wants to make a good impression, and business image is no different. As much as we all want and strive to focus on the fact that “It’s what’s inside that counts” (as we definitely should), first impressions are important—especially in business. 

If you walk into a store and it takes 20 minutes for someone to notice you aimlessly looking for a new protein powder among the 37 different brands, you’re probably going to end up buying it elsewhere. But, if you walk in and an employee walks up, says hi, and asks you what you’re looking for in a protein powder, and then follows it up with their personal favorite? You’ll probably be buying a new shaker bottle, too.   

Own a business? Let’s take a look at ways you can start improving your business image today! Hint: It’s not all about creating a company uniform.  

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Be Consistent

Consistency in your business doesn’t have to look like any one thing to boost your business image—but whatever your “thing” is, you should be consistent with it. Do you follow up with your customers via email after a purchase? Make sure your followup happens every time in the same timeframe. Are your hours TuesSat from 85 p.m.? Don’t ever miss that mark (unless it’s a holiday or you’ve let your audience know ahead of time.). Your clients and customers (whatever industry you’re in) expect you to be consistent in the areas that matter to them. It’s your job to know what these areas are, and make them as accessible and streamlined as possible. 

Another great reminder for all of us? Mistakes are bound to happen, as we’re all human (even if we have super computers in our pockets). Make sure you don’t ignore your mistakes. Own it, talk to the necessary people, make it right, and move forward.  

Take Care of Your Customer

Hand in hand with consistency, your clients and customers are the reason you have a business—pretty much any business! Make them your priority.  

  • If possible, remember their name. Write it down after you talk to them, make a note about them to help you remember whatever you need to do! 
  • Remember what they like and why. Knowing your customer or client as a person will help you, help them!  
  • Be grateful, and tell them! Share how thankful you are that they’re your customer or client. 
  • Do what you say you’ll do (see section above 😉). 
  • Ask them if you’re meeting their needs, how you can do better, or what they like or dislike about your business, products, or services.  

Know What Makes Your Business Unique

It shouldn’t be up to your customer or client to figure out why they should work with you and your business. That’s your job! Make sure you know your “why.” Every business has a unique aspect of some kind—people look for that when shopping around. Figure out what makes your business unique, and share it! 

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Organize Yourself and Your Business

No one wants to have to reschedule a meeting because someone forgot. Additionally, no matter your audience … they’re going to expect you to be capable of providing whatever products or services you offer, easily and straight-forward. Keep your processes simple, consistent, and easy to follow. Not an overly organized person? Here’s a great post to get you started in creating a simple routine, then take it a step further and incorporate it into your business!

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Be the Genius

You have a business because you believe in something. Make it known just how much you believe in it. Know your products and services in, out, up, and down. Be the person who everyone calls in your specific niche. If you don’t feel like you’re there yet, take the initiative and learn. There’s a wealth of knowledge, and guaranteed between people, books, the internet and podcasts, you can pick up a kernel or two to give you that edge over the competition. Looking for ways to be a lifelong learner? Check out our post!

Business Image Improvement doesn’t have to be a trendy phrase you see pop up in hashtags (although this month is Business Image Improvement month). When broken down, it’s really a chance for you to look at your own business, the way you work, and what simple changes you can make to increase your impact.  

How are you going to improve your business image?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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