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Second Look Meeting™

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Welcome to your Second Look Meeting with Ty Crandell!

Your video will begin at 8:00 p.m. in your respective time zone and will be available for 24 hours across all time zones, from Atlantic to Hawaii!

Watch below—both English and Spanish versions are available.


[wwghq_video_v2 video_id="e133a5ce6ed0f1aa11492c0d578f34f2-vod-5a0f27e0fe35fb8769a94d4ea47a92df" video_id_spanish="e133a5ce6ed0f1aa11492c0d578f34f2-vod-fee586997ae4172f2408befea18e7ef0" event_name="slm-crandell" speaker_name="Ty Crandell"]