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10 Winter Activities You Might Not Have Tried!

It’s still winter … but not for long!  

By March, we all hear the word “winter” and are either frantically trying to cram in the last bits of skiing or snowboarding and other traditional winter activities, or we’re looking outside at the snow, slush, and gray skies hoping for sunshine and warmth. It’s easy to find things to do during the holidays when it’s “supposed” to be winter, but by March, isn’t it supposed to be sunny and perfectly 70 degrees every day with flowers blooming and coats placed into the VERY back of the closet?!  

 Okay, so most likely not. But, by this time you’ve probably already gone through your usual list: sledding, skiing, cozying up with a good book, etc. And if you’ve got the winter blues, we’ve got a great read for you!

Here are 10 fresh and new winter activities to try out today:

Hot chocolate charcuterie. Meats, pickles, and cheeses are great and all … but there’s a new charcuterie board in town hot chocolate charcuterie! Yummy, fun, and easier than you think! Want to try it? Here’s how!

Game night. If you live with multiple people, host a game night. And if you don’t live with people, host a virtual game night using Zoom™ or FaceTime, etc. Games like Pictionary and Outburst are great for long distance! 

Give back. Volunteer once a week at a local food bank, shelter, or other community spot. Giving back not only does good, but it feels good, too. 

Get your sweat on. Try out a new fitness class—online or in person! Carve out an hour in your day to move. But try something new today! Hike a new trail that you couldn’t last month because the snow was too deep, sign up for a HIIT workout on Zoom, or check out the yoga studio you drive by every day but have never tried.   

Zoom cooking! Want someone to tell you how to cook? Many culinary schools are offering courses via Zoom that you can take from your very own home! Take a peek at this list of options for every budget!

Help a neighbor. Still have a bunch of snow where you live? Offer to shovel a driveway or sidewalk for a neighbor who might need help but doesn’t want to ask.  

Polar plunge. Polar Bear plunges are happening all over the world. Haven’t heard of it? Usually there’s a charity to benefit, but it’s exactly how it sounds! Cold regions gather people to submerge into an ice-cold lake or body of water … just like a polar bear. ‍🥶️🐻‍❄️ Feeling adventurous? Try it out! (Safely, of course.) 

Organize one thing. Get in touch with your inner Marie Kondo. Pick a drawer, closet, or room, and have at it. Feeling overwhelmed and need a solid place to start?

Freshen up your music. Make a new playlist! This one will probably turn out best if you create it when you’re in a great mood so you can come back to it when your mood needs a lift.  

Be a lizard. If there’s a sunny day, get out in it! Soak it up! Go for a walk, sit on your porch, roll down the window in the car sunshine on your face makes everything better at the end of a long winter! 

It’s time to finish out the winter strong! Dig in, enjoy these last little bits of the season, and try something new! The benefits of trying something new are numerous. Why? Read all about the benefits of continuous learning.

Hang in there, spring is ALMOST here!  

Did we miss a great idea?! Or did you try out one of ours?

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